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Meet and Greet: Tina from Norway and her delicious apple cake

What brings you to New Zealand?

I met my Kiwi husband when I was a student in Scotland.

What do you think New Zealand has in common with your country?

Norway is a small country of 4.5 million people. It has a self-strong identity but is often compared to its neighbours. (Sounds familiar?) But I’d say that Kiwis are a bit more laid-back socially.

What are you enjoying about living here in New Zealand?

Walking barefoot and having a long summer, the beaches, the multicultural aspect including international food, and the relaxed attitude towards drinking. It’s not common for us to drink around children, for example. I don’t meet many Norwegians here so people are generally interested in where I come from and what it’s like there.

What do you miss?

Skiing in the sun at Easter time after the long, dark winter. The midnight sun, and having snow hut barbeques.

Tell us something about food.

Eating here is not that much different to eating in Norway. I can get most of the ingredients I need if I want to make something typically Norwegian, but actually I tend to cook more international food. There is something I miss called gryn grøt risen. It’s literally a rice grain porridge that has meat in it and it is served with cinnamon and sugar.

Can you share a recipe with us?

Apple cake

150 grams of margarine
3 dl (300 ml)sugar
3 eggs
3,5 dl(350 ml)flour – stir it in slowly, you might not need it all!
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 apples
cinnamon and sugar for the apples

Mix the sugar and margarine thoroughly (unmelted). Add the eggs one at the time and mix well (you can use a mixer/baking machine). Mix in the flour and the baking powder. Pour the batter into the baking tin. Peel and cut the apples into wedges, roll them in the sugar and cinnamon mix (I always make heaps so they’re completely covered! :) ). Place the apple wedges on top/slightly into the top of the dough. You can sprinkle the remaining sugar & cinnamon on top along with almonds. Bake for 45 minutes at approx 175 degrees Celcius.

P.S. Tina was too shy to have her photo on the blog, but instead we get a lovely pic of her apple cake which, I can assure you, is very, very, nice!

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