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The Food Show 2009

I have to say I was totally impressed! This is the first Food Show I have been to since returning from abroad and, being that it is the 10th birthday of The Food Show, it has really grown. There were three full rooms of really well-organised stalls, including whole areas of Taiwanese food and Korean food in amongst all of the other amazing offers. It was brilliant to see our diverse community represented and encompassed in such a way. I have to admit that when I last attended the festival, probably 6 years ago, it was more of a cheese, wine, and ice cream festival. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are things I hold dear. But to see how our view of food in New Zealand has grown to include all sorts of things from every ethnic background is just wonderful.

There were quite a few big name speakers and the dilemma was whether to eat or listen! I opted to see a talk by Peta Mathias who has recently been to Rajasthan. She’s such a wonderful story teller and passionate about food. But, what I didn’t know is that she can also sing with the best of ‘em. As the spices were wafting through the room we enjoyed a spot of French vocals that just rounded off the talk. I, for one, certainly left inspired…well, not to start singing in public!

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