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Happy Monday!!

Fried rice is one of my favourite “fast foods” because I always know I can conjure it up with very few ingredients and very little time. It’s a favourite on Monday nights and we like it served Thai style round here with sliced cucumber and a wedge of lemon or some chilli vinegar. What do you make on “fast food” nights?

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  1. Marie says:

    Sounds delicious and quick!

  2. Ah, yes, stir fry is always quick as well as tasty, and a good way to clean out the frig. At our house, a quick meal is my zucchini (corgette) spaghetti. Saute plenty of onions, portobello mushroom chunks and zucchini until almost tender. Pour on canned, diced tomatoes (or fresh, if you have them) and add some basil and oregano. My husband is a vampire, so I can't use garlic……but for normal people, start with the garlic to add great flavor (along with health benefits). I also add a little crushed red pepper flakes to spice it up a bit. Serve over your favorite pasta. Mine is a whole wheat spaghetti.

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