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Holidays are for eating smoked snapper

Please excuse the long absence. Yes, I am still here! I’ve been on a short teaching contract that has taken all my energy (although I do enjoy it) and have not been doing much apart from collapsing on the sofa when I get home. But, never fear! I’m still inspired and have been waiting for the opportunity to get back to the keyboard to tell you about some amazing things I’ve been eating.

During Auckland Day weekend my husband and I took ourselves down to the beautiful Coromandel for some R & R and discovered a great little place on the way back. Perhaps some of you know it already. It’s called Muddy River and it’s just before you get on the old bridge after Thames and heading toward Auckland. It’s a small place but it’s pretty well signed on the right-hand side. They do wet fish during the week, fish and chips, and also have a cafe.

We actually went in search of the local flounder that is meant to be so nice, but as it was Sunday, they weren’t doing wet fish. So we perused the smoked fish selection and came out with a gorgeous piece of smoked snapper all golden and fragrant. We could’ve easily torn into that newspaper and started eating right there and then but we vowed to make it back to Auckland and have it with some green beans and a beetroot salad. It was worth the wait!

What wonderful things have you been eating over the summer?

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