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Carrot Cake Sandwich

Newsflash: YOU can have CAKE for LUNCH!!!

Is it just a New Zealand thing or do all cafes around the world have carrot cake? We have lots of amazing cake in our cafes here, but you can always rely on the ol’ standby if you’re not in the mood for anything exotic. I love it. Plus you can try to pretend you are choosing something healthy since there are actually vegetables in there (awkward smile).

On one of my wild adventures through the blogosphere I came across someone making a carrot cake sandwich. A cake sandwich, I thought. Yes, please!  And I’ve kept on thinking about that sandwich for the past 4 days. I’ve even stolen one of my husband’s bread making books so I could make a good quality raisin and walnut bread to use. When I went to look for the original person’s blog so I could give credit, I started to see that not one, but many people have been making this sandwich. I’m not sure who the original ideas person is, but I love you all the same carrot cake sandwich inventor, wherever you are!

All you need is:

2 slices of good raisin bread

1 grated carrot

cream cheese lightly sweetened with honey, icing sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup or whatever else pleases you

powdered cinnamon

and some optional extra walnuts and raisins if there aren’t enough in your bread

All you have to do is:

Spread the sweetened cream cheese on a slice of your raisin bread. Mix some cinnamon in with the grated carrot and layer some on top of the cream cheese. Then you can add the extra walnuts and raisins if you are using htem. Slap another piece of raisin bread on top and Voila!

Afterthought: Call me crazy, but you know how there is a version of carrot cake called passion cake that has pineapple in it? Perhaps you could sweeten the cream cheese just by adding little pieces of pineapple. Wait, my phone’s ringing. It’s the 1970s and they want their dessert back.

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  1. matt says:

    As a man who loves carrots, lusts for cakes and ADORES desserts from the 1970’s, this is a lunch that seems custom made for me! And for a side dish, I’d like some lime-flavored Jell-o with canned pears in it please…
    Lovely picture by the way.

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