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Microwave Thai Sticky Rice

Dip, dip!
Rice is rice is rice…or is it? There are thousands upon thousands of varieties of rice and hundreds of ways¬† to cook them all. I really prefer eating the most appropriate rice I can get for each dish that I cook, and when I go Isaan, that often means steamed sticky rice.¬† Let’s be clear about this, the term ‘sticky rice’ in any context does not refer to regular rice that sticks together because you’ve overcooked it or added too much water. If you want to make sticky rice, be it Thai sticky rice, purple sticky rice, or even Japanese mochi rice, it must be a particular variety. These varieties are often labelled as “glutenous” although they do not contain wheat gluten, obviously. Khao niaw

Once you’ve ensured that you have the correct rice, you will start to hear advice on how you need to soak it overnight and then steam it in a special basket like this one.
Beautiful steamer
But in this crazy modern age we live in, it is possible to take a short cut now and then. Yes, it is possible to have Thai sticky rice prepared in a timely manner by using the microwave. Woohoo! Hooray for I-forgot-to-soak-the-rice-and-now-guests-are-coming-in-two-hours sticky rice. Incidentally, I first learned about this from a Thai person who nearly laughed me out the door when I mentioned that I was soaking rice for tomorrow’s dinner. So, it’s not just me who does this…in case you were wondering.
sticky rice

Here’s what you do:

Rinse some Thai sticky rice four or five times to remove any talc or other cloudy stuff.

Then put the rice in a microwavable bowl and cover with warm water. The water should be just above the level of the rice, not as much as you would use for normal rice. Leave it to sit for 20-30 minutes.

Finally, put it in the microwave and cook it in 2-3 minute bursts on high. Gently turn the rice over in between cooking sessions.

It is ready when all the rice is translucent. It will change from wet and white to sort of clear and dry. If it tastes chalky, it’s not ready.

If you’ve never eaten sticky rice, you should know that you eat it with your fingers. Just pinch some off, smash it into a small ball with your fingers, dip it in the sauce of whatever you are eating, and pop it into your mouth.

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4 Responses to "Microwave Thai Sticky Rice"

  1. Marie says:

    I’m glad you like the idea because this is a delicious way to eat rice. you have to be sure to buy glutinous or ‘sticky’ rice as it cooks very differently to normal rice:-)

  2. I have not really thought of rice as something you can dip. I love that. I wouldn’t know how to get it sticky enough but I am glad I read this post. Great idea! I love it. Dipping rice. Who woulda thunk it. Can’t wait to try it.

  3. Marie says:

    Thank you, Jeni. The sauce is a jeow, a Lao/ North-Eastern Thai chilli dipping sauce. It’s sort of like their version of salsa in that there are a million variations, all delicious of course:)

  4. jeni says:

    yum! what is that amazing-looking sauce you’re dipping it in? i’ve never made sticky rice and my mouth is watering now.

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