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3 “Hurry Up I Need Lunch Now!” Lunches

Despite Christmas being only a week away, it is still not feeling very summery here in Auckland as we’ve been stuck indoors with rain for three days. It’s was sunny this morning so I grabbed my shoes, put my son on my back and headed out to lovely Cornwall Park for a walk. I was ambling along thinking how I should have rung my friend, who has also been stuck indoors with a toddler for three days, to join me until I ran smack into her! Both of our sets of eyes seemed to say to each other, “Oh my God I can’t go back into the house yet. Let’s DO something!” And so we abandoned the rest of the walk for a cup of tea in the garden cafe there and the children had their respective snacks (Mummy’s always have snacks on them for just such occasions, In case you were wondering). Total bliss! Well, 10 minute Mummy bliss anyway, until each little boy finished their snack. Totally worth it, though.

What does any of this have to do with quick lunches, I hear you ask? Well, because we were late getting back for naptime and the routine has been changed, I know that anything could happen and my son could wake up at any minute and I am hungry! Must… eat… and… blog…. So, I’m typing as fast as I can type and eating a lentil salad that is one of my favourite standbys. To the annoyance of my husband who loves them, I am not keen on sandwiches unless there is absolutely nothing else available. Because why eat a boring ol’ sarnie when you can have one of these lovely things in just about the same amount of prep time?  When I am in a hurry, some of my faves are:

Lentil Salad

Lentil salad

1. Open and drain a tin of lentils and dump into your salad bowl. Yes, I said tin. This is a quick and easy ideas post so, deal with it.

2. Chop one tomato in your hand directly into the bowl. Do NOT use a chopping board or you will have to wash it up. Capiche?

3. Slice off a bit of onion into the bowl.

4. Search kitchen for those last bits of hydroponic herbs, whatever they are, that never get eaten and throw those into the bowl. Use dried if necessary, no biggie.

5. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

6. Drizzle on some vinegar, preferably balsamic, and some olive oil. I like Chilli infused olive oil because I am addicted to chilli, but it’s your call.

7. Optional: If you have some blue cheese or feta chop this in as well.

8. Eat

Antoine’s Potatoes

This is just so easy since you don’t really have to watch the potatoes. Just let them boil until ready and voila! Click here for details

Scrambled Tofu

If you have any kind of tofu in your fridge, this is easy and tasty. I would take the time to do the onion and garlic as they make it that much more savoury and delicious. But, really the whole thing should take a matter of minutes. Click away!

Come on now. Tell me what you do for quick lunches. I love to get new ideas for this time of day.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Aww thanks! That was just what I needed too – both bumping into you today and your blog post above! By the time I get said toddler into bed I am always ravenous and ready to eat my own arm off – so quick lunch ideas are definitely needed. My go to lunch at the moment seems to be rice salad. Distract toddler and put rice in rice cooker. Once toddler is asleep come back and take out a few spoonfuls of rice and add beans or tuna and whatever vege I have in fridge or garden. Then add mayo/vinegar dressing/soy sauce/a squeeze of lemon depending on what i feel like and EAT! Definitely going to try your ideas above as I am soo over sandwiches too!

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